32” 4Kx2K High Bright display for Air Traffic Control

ScioTeq’s MDP-832 is a 32” high bright display for air traffic control applications. Its premium quality LCD, 4Kx2K resolution and high-bright LED backlight bring optimum reading quality, reliability, and user comfort in many use cases, in the tower and in TRACON/ACC/Enroute environment.

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Product description

High end optics

The MDP-832 is standard always equipped with a high-end protective and anti-reflective front glass. This optical stack ensures the lowest possible reflections.


The optional responsive PCAP touchscreen handles up to 10 simultaneous touches.

Full screen or Multi-Window

Multiple video inputs allow displaying up to 4 image sources simultaneously, this in a fully user-definable layout.


MDP832 Leaflet

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