Vista console solutions are high-end integrated workstations and consoles for operator and ground-control stations. They build in years of proven lessons and qualifications to ensure the highest performance and lowest risk possible on the market today.

Vista 4500R
Vista 4500R

Features and benefits

  • Affordable yet powerful and modular solution for Naval and Land-based Shelter Multi-Function consoles
  • High Modularity for easy customization
  • Enhanced ergonomics for better user comfort
  • Networked video and radar visualization solutions for lower cost of ownership and redundancy
  • Recording solutions for best image replay rendering
  • Low risk solution with already MIL qualified product line
  • ScioTeq organization with extensive experience for long term support requirements

Console families

Vista 4500 series

Vista 4500 is ScioTeq's latest family of multi-function consoles offering an ergonomic rugged working position for the most demanding sonar, Command and Control, systems control or situational awareness applications. The Vista 4500’s modular approach makes it ideal for integration into various Combat Information Center (CIC) applications on board surface ships or submarines.

Vista 5/6/700 series

Ideal for UAV shelters, ground-control stations, or battlefield surveillance systems. They implement new naval console architecture (zero client or thin client) for combat management systems as well as bridge or machine-room applications.

Two main models :

  • Standard Vista 5/6/700 model for naval integration
  • Compact Vista 5/700 model for reduced space integration

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