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Ground army displays

Innovative solutions for high-reliability applications

At moments of decision, ScioTeq is there to enhance mission effectiveness and bring critical sensor information to the operator. As no other visualization company, ScioTeq gives operators and decision-makers the power to see their high-resolution images in real time, wherever they need them.

Our markets

ScioTeq has been serving the defense and security community for 35 years, providing reliable and high performance software solutions, high quality rugged displays, deployable workstations, advanced imaging platforms and Common-Operational-Picture solutions.

Arleigh Burke class destroyer


Enhanced situational awareness solutions for naval (surface and sub-surface) C4ISR.


Ground army

Enhanced situational awareness solutions for ground army vehicle C4ISR.

Shelter market


Enhanced situational awareness solutions for Ground Base Command and Control posts.

Sea snow boat fjord

Security and other

For every harsh environment our solutions will meet your most stringent requirements.

We have many years of experience in providing rugged solutions and components to the military market. We have earned the trust of the armed forces by always succeeding in meeting - and even exceeding - program-specific requirements.

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