In the late 1980’s we put our first display on a fighter jet, opening the path to multiple military platforms for transport aircrafts, trainer aircrafts, tanker aircrafts and fighter aircrafts. We support our customers for the long run in the most demanding operations.

Our Strengths

Proven solutions
Our displays have been supporting the most demanding airforces around the world for more than 35 years. You can find those on most type of military aircraft, from basic trainer aircraft up to fighter, from transport aircraft up to dedicated mission type of aircraft.

Scalable solutions
Our products are offered in various size, supporting various system architecture paradigms allowing the system integrators and aircraft manufacturer to best tune their solution to the need of the military operators. Our product are civil certified to DO-178 and DO-254, supporting also civil operations.

Thanks to our MOSArt® open system solution, based on ARINC 653, we offer the possibility to our customer and their customer to integrate their own or additional third party applications into our systems.

This way, the system integrator can integrate sensitive application, mission related applications in our smart solutions that perfectly matches the need of the military end user. It also allows for in country customizations to the country specific airforce requirements.

Innovative visual and touch technology
At the core of our product is the display, its ruggedization to operate in the most demanding environment. At ScioTeq, we have been investing in visualization for more than 60 years thanks to our strong heritage. We continue to do so to provide to your operator the most advanced solution, reducing weight, power consumption while increasing the capabilities.
With several patent in visualization and touch technology we help the pilot in controling its cockpit as simply as its latest smartphone app.

Some of our references

F-16, C-130, C-5, A400M, A330MRTT, C-27J, F-35, Mirage 3, Mirage 5, PC-21, KT-1C, E2D, P-3, P-8, C-160, C-295, ... 
Supporting airforces from multiple countries, including US Airforce, Royal Air Force, French Airforce, German Airforce, Spanish Airforce, and many more, ...

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