Cribbins Aviation Product Symposium


On 20 and 21 November, ScioTeq will show its Avionics and Defense visualization solutions at the 47th Annual Joseph P. Cribbins Aviation Product Sustainment Symposium. 

Since 1983, this annual event has brought the community together to develop life-saving solutions for the Aviation Soldier; from Avionics and Survivability Equipment Repairers to Aviation Mission Survivability Officers to the project offices and policy makers. 

Once of ScioTeq's highlights is the TSCU-3045. The latest generation touch screen unit is a multi-function display that can act as a classic ARINC-739 interface while simultaneously enabling the integration of various cockpit functions such as virtual control panels, FMS, etc., reducing overall cockpit system costs and space requirements. 

If you want to know more about the TSCU-3045, check our product page via following link, or come meet us at booth 400 at the Cribbins Symposium

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