ScioTeq To Launch AM-817 Next Generation Airborne Mission Display At Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit

23/04/2024 - 31/12/2024
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Duluth, Georgia (23 April 2024) -- ScioTeq, a leading provider of mission-critical visualization and computing solutions, announced it is launching its Next Generation Airborne Mission Display at the 2024 Army Aviation Mission Solutions Summit on April 24 – 26th in Denver, Colorado.


Redefines expectations for airborne mission displays with enhanced situational awareness across a wide range of missions

ScioTeq’s decades long pedigree in the development and production of avionics and defense rugged displays sets the stage for its newest product line supporting the airborne mission market with the launch of their AM-817.  “Airborne Mission Displays" refers to the visual interfaces or screens used for displaying critical information related to an ongoing mission. An airborne mission generally refers to any operation or task conducted while aboard an aircraft. These missions can encompass a wide range of activities, including military and civil/commercial operations, surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, firefighting, medical evacuations, aerial photography, and scientific research, among others.  This initial display to roll off of ScioTeq’s airborne mission product line will be followed in short order by other versions currently under development.  

The Airborne Mission display market is experiencing significant growth due to a combination of technological advancements, operational requirements and strategic priorities, especially within the defense sector. The modernization of military aircraft and the integration of advanced technologies require sophisticated displays to effectively manage and visualize vast amounts of data. Additionally, growing defense budgets worldwide, a rise in military operations and global security threats, and demands for enhanced situational awareness critical for mission success, are but a few of the reasons for the rise in this market.

“ScioTeq’s long history of developing advanced visualization solutions routinely sets the benchmark for this industry”, said ScioTeq Vice President of Defense & Security, Klaas Peerlinck. “AM-817 display is a testament to our ongoing commitment to developing best in class visualization displays for all airborne mission markets and we are excited about this newest addition to our product portfolio.”

ScioTeq’s extensive legacy and renowned reputation for developing and manufacturing advanced visualization and computing displays, advances the market to the next level with this state-of-the-art airborne mission display.  Incorporating new and proven technologies and features that exponentially elevate this display several degrees above what is currently available in the industry, and its commitment to customer support and optical bonding processes, ensures that the AM-817 and the entire ScioTeq family of solutions are at the pinnacle of the visualization market.


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About ScioTeq

ScioTeq has 35+ years’ experience designing, engineering and manufacturing high-tech, innovative, life- and mission-critical computing & visualization solutions for the Air Traffic Control, Avionics and Defense & Security markets. With headquarters in Belgium and five additional locations worldwide, they are a trusted partner in advanced computing & visualization solutions. ScioTeq products are used in the air, on the ground and at sea, delivering mission-critical information to operators on some of the most advanced platforms on the planet and in some of the most challenging environments.

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