Successful review of IMBALS innovation project


ScioTeq and its consortium partners have successfully completed the first periodic review of the IMBALS project. The goal of the IMBALS project is to focus on the certificability of a new solution for the autonomous landing of a commercial aircraft by developing hardware and software on the landing use case. The solution will apply an image processing technique on images from an on-board camera system in order to determine its position relative to the runway. This innovation will increase flight safety, improve the accessibility to airports, reduce emissions and address pilot shortage. ScioTeq leads a consortium that teams up with the Airbus R&T team in Toulouse. The IMBALS project is very ambitious due to its objectives for demonstrating the future ability to certify the solution to the highest safety levels and industrialize the innovative equipment that is needed to implement the image based landing function.  

The IMBALS project receives funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 785459. The Horizon 2020 framework is setup by the European Commission to support innovations that address societal challenges. Funded projects are periodically reviewed to monitor the progress of the project and the correct use of resources. The Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking reviewed the first 18-months of the IMBALS project. IMBALS started in March 2018 and is planned to finish with flight tests in August 2022.

IMBALS is one out of three ScioTeq projects that contribute to the breakthrough innovations endeavored for in Clean Sky 2.

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