White paper: Mixing Modern Multi-core Processors with Open Architecture

17/04/2024 - 08/06/2024
White paper

This white paper discusses the development of a next-generation smart avionics display platform, focusing on the challenges and advancements in integrating multi-core processors and open architectures. ​ It highlights the need for increased situational awareness and operational efficiency in the aerospace industry, as well as the changing relationships between OEMs, system integrators, and component providers. ​ The paper also explores the use of ARMv8 multi-core processors, hardware virtualization, and advanced GPU acceleration capabilities. ​ It addresses the technical challenges faced during the development process, such as cache protection, cache partitioning, clock synchronization, and GPU scheduling in mixed-criticality systems. Overall, the document emphasizes the importance of software abstraction layers and open standards in ensuring application portability and minimizing dependencies on specific hardware architectures. 

White paper: Mixing Modern Multi-core Processors with Open Architectures

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