RDU-4208 LAD

RDU-4208 LAD 20”x8” Rugged Display Unit for Harsh Environments

•    Fully redundant
•    Touch interface; multi-touch and any type of stylus
•    Superior color rendering and color mapping
•    Wide viewing angles
•    Suitable for helicopters
•    NVIS Class B compatibility
•    NVIS Class A optional
•    Multiple redundant video inputs standard
•    Brightness and white point stabilization over temperature and time
•    Fan-less architecture

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Product description

Best-in-class optical performance
Because of the in-house developed backlight technology, the LAD is NVIS class B and A compliant, and doesn’t compromise on the full color gamut performance in day mode. The display output stays the same over time and temperature because of the white point stabilization. The in-house optical bonding of the display makes sure that the reflections are nearly zero, resulting in a full sunlight readability at minimal power consumption.

High modularity standard
The modularity of this display is unprecedented. The keyboard is front mounted, easy for on-aircraft replacement. The multitouch touch screen is compatible with any type of stylus, even all gloves.

Minimized SWaP-C signature
Both in new cockpits as in cockpit upgrades, the RDU-4208 LAD is fit for confined spaces like in trainer and fighter cockpits, still keeping the ejection seat trajectory clear.

The RDU-4208 LAD is Full MIL-STD qualified (Environmental MIL-STD-810G and power qualification MIL-STD-704E).



RDU-4208 LAD download

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Product specifications

Panel type Active matrix LCD (normally black)
Panel active area 21.5” diagonal (20” x 8”)
Panel resolution 2560x1024
Color depth True 8-bit – 16,777,216 colors and 256 grayscales
Viewing angle • H: +/-85°
• V: +/-80°
Can be tailored to program requirements, such as the addition of specific collimation to reduce
canopy reflections, etc.
Backlight LED backlight
Luminance • 10fL up to 300fL (day)
• 0.01fL up to 25fL (night)
Luminance stabilized over the life time and the complete temperature range of the display
Sunlight readability Contrast ratio >7:1 @ 10,000 fC
NVG compatibility NVIS, type I/II, class B, per MIL-L-85762, Class A optional
Heater Heater for display startup at extremely cold temperatures                                                   
Video inputs/outputs (1) Main Inputs:
- 2x video input per side or full surface
- 2x video output (per side or full screen)
Default video interface: A818 or HD-SDI
DVI offered on request (limited to left/right)
Brightness control Bezel control, or remote
Bezel controls (1) Available with custom bezels
Touch screen Multi-Touch capability
General specifications  
Power supply 28VDC, MIL-STD-704A
Power consumption 150W max @ 300fL (20C ambient)
Weight 8.6 kg / 19 lbs (max)
Cooling Passive cooling
Built-in testing PBIT / CBIT / IBIT
Software RTCA/DO-178C up to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A
Hardware RTCA/DO-254 up to Design Assurance Level (DAL) A
Environmental conditions  
Compliance MIL-STD-461E & MIL-STD-810G
High temperature +71°C operational / +85°C short-time / +95°C ground survival
Low temperature -45°C operational / -55°C ground survival
Altitude 50,000 ft
Water proofness, salt fog, sand & dust Withstands the harshest environments - closed and fan-less unit design

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