DHA-3138 15.4” (13” x 8”) Display Head Assembly 

  • Best-in-class true 8-bit AMLCD for superior color rendering (FLIR imagery, EVS and SVS applications)
  • Very wide viewing angles – ideal for cross-cockpit viewability
  • Brightness up to 100fL, making it suitable for installation in civil aircraft installations
  • Guaranteed brightness and color range over the operating temperature of the display and over its lifetime
  • Suitable for high integrity safety critical applications (e.g. PFD, ND, EICAS, ...)

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Product description

The DHA-3138 is the latest generation of Display Head Assembly from ScioTeq. The DHA-3138’s proprietary Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display and LED backlight technology deliver a visual performance second to none: true 8-bit color depth with high contrast ratio and superior color stability, very wide viewing angles and superior brightness in Day and Night modes. And there is even more: the optical quality is guaranteed over the complete operating temperature range and lifetime of the display, thanks to ScioTeq’s proprietary control mechanisms. 

The software and firmware of the DHA-3138 are developed according to DO-178B and DO-254 respectively, up to and including Design Assurance Level (DAL) A. This display is therefore an ideal candidate for Part 23, Part 25, Part 27 and Part 29 Electronic Flight Instrument Systems (EFIS).


DHA-3138 leaflet

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Product specifications

Panel type Active matrix LCD, normally black (exclusive to ScioTeq)
Panel active area 15.4" diagonal (13" x 8")
Panel resolution 1680 x 1050 WSXGA+
Color depth True 8-bit - 16,777,216 colors and 256 grayscales
Viewing angle

H: +/-80°
V: +/-80°

Landscape installation

Backlight LED backlight
Luminance 0.1 up to 100fL 
Luminance stabilized over the life time and the complete temperature range of the display
Sunlight readability Contrast ratio >5:1 @ 8,000 fC
NVG compatibility NA
Standards (E)TSO-113B and AS8034C compliant
Heater NA
Video inputs (1) LVDS
Inputs/Outputs (1) RS-422 control interface
Discretes for display configuration, lighting mode selection, etc.
Analog bezel and display brightness control
Brightness control ALS sensor or remote
Bezel controls (1) NA
Touch screen (optional) (1) Multi-touch capability through PCAP with built-in mechanisms for certifiable touch interface
General specifications  
Power supply 12VDC
Power consumption 30W @ 100fL (20C ambient) 
Weight 2.5 kg / 5.51 lbs 
Cooling Passive cooling compatible (no requirement for forced external cooling)
Built-in testing PBIT / CBIT / IBIT
Software developed to RTCA/DO-178B, capable of supporting DAL-A functions
Hardware developed to RTCA/DO-254, capable of supporting DAL-A functions
Installation (1) NA
Environmental conditions  
Compliance DO-160G
High temperature +55C operational / +70C short-time / +85C ground survival
Low temperature -15C operational / -55C ground survival
Altitude 40,000 ft
Water proofness, salt fog, sand & dust Withstands civil aircraft environments
Application Suitable for civil applications

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