Enhanced situational awareness solutions for naval C4ISR

For more than 35 years, we have worked together with navies worldwide to meet the needs of an ever-changing battlefield. Still today, our risk-free and network-enabled solutions provide operators and decision-makers with the ability to see critical information for increased situational understanding and mission effectiveness.

US NAVY Zumwalt Class

Our Strengths

Solutions for advanced C4ISR
We provide both the hardware and the software to deliver a dedicated visualization system that best fits your needs, whether you are retrofitting, refurbishing or building an entirely new platform. Our offering ranges from displays, smart displays, HMI consoles and rugged computers to advanced image processing capabilities, high-resolution recording and networked sensor distribution solutions. All vigorously tested, field-proven and MIL-qualified.

Fit for use in extreme environments
We adopt commercial COTS components, such as LCD's and processors, and ruggedize these to allow deployment in the most extreme conditions. In addition, we offer a unique Integrated Logistics Support plan for a period of no less than 20 years to reduce the overall cost of ownership and safeguard your product against obsolescence.

Networked, video and graphics distribution
Because operators and decisionmakers need immediate access to visual information from a wide variety of sources, networked systems are on the rise. We offer a network client application, built on our best-of-class components, for access to real-time information - be it video, radar, graphics or other - distributed over a secure network, with minimal latency and in the highest quality.

Innovative visual technology
At the core of our business is our expertise in GPU programming. We use the latest GPU technology to provide video, radar, multi-sensor, recording and HMI capabilities that help you connect and respond to mission critical information. The result? Better situational awareness, faster decision making, and improved operational efficiency.

Arleigh Burke class destroyer
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Ford Williams


As a proud supplier to the naval community, you will find us on board of these ships and submarines:

Al Riyadh class • Álvaro de Bazán class • Anzac class • Arleigh Burke class • Baynunah class • Cavour class • Charles De Gaulle class • Corvette class • DDG 1000 Zumwalt class • Delhi class • Duke class • Eilat class Sa’ar 5 • Fearless class • Ticonderoga class • Formidable class • FREMM class • Gaeta class • Halifax class • Horizon class • Huon class • La Fayette class • Le Triomphant SSBN class • LHD Wasp class • Littoral Combat Ship • Milgem class • Nimitz class • NSSN Virginia class • Sachsen class • SSBN/SSGN Ohio class • SSK Collins class • SSK Dolphin class • SSN Astute class • SSN Los Angeles class - SSN Seawolf class • U212 class • U214 class

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