PU-5200  Certified Avionics Display Computer

  • Highly-integrated multi-core CPU&GPU
  • DO-178C & DO-254 DAL A certifiable computer platform 
  • Open Computer Platform through MOSArt®
  • SWaP-C optimized
  • Continuous operation at 71°C
  • Fan-less design
  • FACETM ready

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Product description

The PU-5200 is built on latest SoC technology, offering integrated multi-core CPU & GPU capabilities, combined with a wide range of Avionics interfaces and compatible with the
MOSArt® Open Software product.
The core component selection and integration is offering high-integrity (up to DAL A) data processing and graphics rendering with optimal SWaP-C signature.
The PU-5200 is THE solution driving all your Avionics visualization, using ScioTeq or 3rd party display products.

Thanks to MOSArt®, ScioTeq’s Open Software product since 2004, built on an ARINC-653 compliant and FACE™ conform RTOS, the PU-5200 product is the high-integrity, low-risk Display Computer you have been looking for to integrate your (and 3rd party) applications onto.



PU-5200 Certified Avionics Display Computer leaflet

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Product specifications

Dimensions 7.62” (H) x 4.88” (W) x 13” (L) (1/2 ATR short size)
Weight < 5kg (11lbs)
Power 28Vdc – DO-160G & MIL-STD-704G qualified
Cooling Passive cooling – no (internal) fans
Memory 2 GB DDR4 (ECC), 2 MB NVRAM (M-RAM), 512 MB NOR Flash, 80 GB e-MMC (NAND)
RTOS Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform (HVP)
Graphics Driver CoreAVI ArgusCore™ SC1, ArgusCore™ SC2 and VkCore® SC
Modular & Open ScioTeq MOSArt® framework, incl DO-178C & DO-254 cert package
Video Inputs 2xHD-SDI (SMPTE-292M copper) optional
Video Outputs

2xDVI (quadrax contact) - 2xHD-SDI (coax contact) – 2xHD-SDI (fiber-optic) (mutually exclusive)
 - Maximum resolution: full HD-output
2xARINC-818 (fiber-optic) optional

Control and Data Discrete I/O: 28 In (incl RT address setting) / 18 Out /14 In-Out
Serial: 4 x RS-422 / 1 x RS-485 (supporting >3Mbps)
ARINC-429: 24 In / 8 Out (HS/LS configurable)
MIL-STD-1553B (bus A/B and C/D with RT/BC/BM functionality)
Ethernet 2 x 10/100 Base-T
Analogue I/O 16 (0-5Vdc output) – input is optional
Qualification package DO-160G /MIL-STD-810G / MIL-STD-704F / MIL-STD-461G combination
Temperature +71°C / -45°C Operational
Altitude 55,000 ft




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