MFD-5068 (new)

MFD-5068  Smart Multi Function Display

  • Powerful processing and graphics module with substantial growth capability
  • ScioTeq’s MOSArt® middleware platform for hosting multiple software applications at different DAL levels (incl. DAL A)
  • Wide viewing angles – ideal for cross-cockpit viewability
  • Brightness up to 300fL, making it suitable for installation in helicopters and open cockpit aircraft
  • NVIS Class B compliant - NVIS A as an option
  • Guaranteed brightness and color range over the operating temperature of the display and over its lifetime
  • Large array of Input and Output interfaces

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Product description

The MFD-5068 is ScioTeq's new Smart Multi-Function Display in development, equipped with the latest multi-core processing solution. Compatible with the Open Software framework MOSArt®, the display is offered as an Open Platform, perfectly suited for hosting today's demanding applications. 

The proprietary AMLCD and LED backlight technology delivers a visual performance second to none: true 8-bit color depth with high contrast ratio and superior color stability, cross-cockpit viewing angles and superior brightness in Day, Night and NVIS modes. The optical quality is guaranteed over the complete operating temperature range and lifetime of the display, thanks to ScioTeq’s proprietary control mechanisms. As an option, the light can be collimated to reduce reflections on the windshield or canopy.

The ScioTeq MOSArt® section allows customers to simultaneously host combinations of software applications that can be customer proprietary, ScioTeq proprietary and from 3rd parties. Importantly, these hosted applications can be individually designed to varying Design Assurance Levels (DAL), up to and including DAL A, reducing development and integration costs.

The MFD-5068 provides the lowest SWaP (Size-Weight and Power) signature in the market.


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Product specifications

RTOS Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform (HVP)
ScioTeq MOSArt® open platform Allows development and hosting of customer supplied, 3rd party or ScioTeq applications. Can host multiple applications at different DAL levels simultaneously.
Panel type Active matrix LCD (normally black)
Panel active area 10.4" diagonal (6" x 8")
Panel resolution 1024 x 768
Viewing angle
  • H: +/-55°
  • V: +/-35°

Can be tailored to program requirements, such as the addition of specific collimation to reduce canopy reflections, etc.

Backlight LED backlight
  • 0.1 up to 300fL (non-NVIS mode)
  • 0.03 up to 2fL (NVIS mode)
Luminance and color stabilized over the life time and the complete temperature range of the display
Sunlight readability Contrast ratio >14:1 @ 10,000 fC
NVG compatibility MIL-STD-3009 Type I/II, NVIS Class B. Class A as an option
Heater Heater for display startup at extremely cold temperatures
Interfaces Preliminary (1)  
Video inputs / Outputs (1) Inputs: 1xHD-SDI / Outputs: 1xHD-SDI (independent) + 1xHD-SDI (screen copy)
Control and Data

Discrete I/O: 28 In (incl RT address setting) / 18 Out /14 In-Out
Serial: 4 x RS-422 / 1 x RS-485 (supporting >3Mbps)
ARINC-429: 24 In / 8 Out (HS/LS configurable)
MIL-STD-1553B (bus A/B and C/D with RT/BC/BM functionality)
Ethernet 2 x 10/100 Base-T

Brightness control ALS sensors, bezel control, or remote
Bezel controls (1) Available with custom bezels
General specifications  
Power supply MIL-STD-704F
Power consumption (preliminary) <60W @ 200fL (20°C ambient)
Weight (preliminary) <5kg (11lbs)
Dimensions (WxHxD) (preliminary) 202.1mm (Width) x 259.2mm (Height) x 176.5 mm (Depth incl. connector flange)
Certification DO-178C and DO-254 DAL A certification package available
Software developed to RTCA/DO-178B DAL A, capable of hosting applications up to DAL A
Hardware developed to RTCA/DO-254 DAL A, capable of hosting applications up to DAL A
Environmental conditions  
Qualification package DO-160G /MIL-STD-810G / MIL-STD-704F / MIL-STD-461G combination
Temperature +71°C / -45°C Operational
Altitude 55,000 ft

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