RNA - DVI Series

Real-time KVM switching

  • Desktop distribution (DVI-D, audio, USB-HID).
  • Via standard IP streams and 10 G network switches.
  • Real-time pixelperfect remote desktops for multiple users accessing multiple computers.
  • Sub-frame latency, supporting real-time interaction with remote servers.
  • RNA devices are ruggedized and MIL-STD qualified

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Product description

The RNA Series of Real-time Network Adapters provides desktop distribution (DVI-D, audio, USBHID) via standard IP streams and 10G network switches. These devices enable real-time and pixel-perfect remote desktops for multiple users accessing multiple computers.

High-quality video, audio and other data can be shared over IP with sub-frame latency, supporting real-time interaction with remote servers. RNA devices are ruggedized and MIL-STD qualified. They also feature advanced failover configurations and built-in monitoring mechanisms to ensure continuous system availability. 

The RNA adapters are highly flexible and can be configured as a decoder, encoder, or both. They support simultaneous streaming of uncompressed and compressed data which enables remote collaboration and screen recording. The RNA decoders allow real-time compositing of multiple high resolution sources per output display, supporting concurrent control of multiple remote computers from a single HMI. Compositing can also be used for displaying multiple sources on overview displays.



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