Networked Visualization

Real-Time KVMA Switching over Standard Networks

The RNA Series of Real-Time Network Adapters provides desktop distribution (DVI-D, audio, USB-HID) via standard IP streams and 10G network switches. These devices enable real-time pixel-perfect remote desktops for multiple users accessing multiple computers.

Mission Critical KVMA

Tactical Collaboration Solutions

Build scalable, robust networks to integrate distributed workstations in demanding environments

RNA networking solutions from ScioTeq enable you to:

  • Connect computer video/audio/USB-HID in multi-user environments.
  • Deliver interactive performance with a local look and feel from remote operator positions.
  • Implement an easy-to-integrate upgrade path for current KVM/DVI switching equipment.
  • Help ensure high resource availability through ruggedization, redundancy, and fail-over.
  • Support information assurance (IA) through secure control and stateless zero clients.

Designed for Defense Critical Applications

Features and Benefits

  • Connection of multiple operators to multiple computers with real-time, pixel-perfect performance
  • Standard 10Gb Ethernet switches and cabling
  • MIL-STD qualification for defense-critical applications
  • Support for multi-screen zero-client, server, and workstation configurations with rugged module or dual-channel rack-mount packaging
  • Simultaneous encoding/decoding over each channel
  • Hybrid open-standard encoding for simultaneous real-time and low-bandwidth distribution
  • RFC 4175: RTP payload format for uncompressed video
  • RFC 3984: RTP payload format for H.264 Video
  • Composite decoding of multiple sources for simultaneous access to multiple desktops as full screen, picture-in-picture, or quad/multi-view with flexible formatting
  • Data generation suitable for recording and distribution to remote facilities for viewing with standard media players
  • Redundant network connections and safe pass-through for failure recovery
  • Networked video-based approach to support a variety of computer and display configurations with no impact on system operation or dependency on system software

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